Happy 40th Anniversary

The North West Chapter of the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) has held today its 40th Anniversary at Eritrean Community Center in Seattle.

The venue was crammed with speeches, Poems, various colorful activities. A lineup of musical performers, including an all-women band, entertained participants with revolutionary songs. The role of Eritrean women in liberating and defending Eritrea has been commemorated, and participants renewed their commitment to empower women.

We must make 2021 a year in which we see half of Eritrea’s top decision-making positions occupied by women. Women, more than men, are family and community oriented. I, therefore, believe most of our challenges will be easily overcome if we let women unleash their potentials. This is not a matter of affirmative action; Eritrean Women have earned it.

A country that boasts of unparalleled proud history of its women shouldn’t have difficulty filling half of its decision-making positions with women. We have qualified women who could serve as ministers, ambassadors, administrators and, yes, as leaders of the nation.

Thank you for inviting me to share my ideas and reflections on this matter. Empowering a woman is empowering society.

Happy 40th anniversary of NUEW.

Glory to the heroines who paid the ultimate price to liberate and defend our nation.

Glory to our martyrs.

Awet nHafash!!

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