Good riddance, Omar Al-Bashir, what an insane act of hoarding?

Mahmud Saleh

“A source in Sudan’s judiciary told Reuters news agency that suitcases loaded with more than $351,000, €6m ($6.7m; £5.2m) and five billion Sudanese pounds ($105m) were found at Mr. Bashir’s home.”

That is BBC’s report about Sudan’s deposed dictator, Omar Al-Bashir. Was he hoarding that amount of cash for himself, or he was used as a transit?

I think Omar Al-Bashir was used as an agent for the destabilization of the region. It is not hard to guess that the next targets were Eritrea and the government of PMAA of Ethiopia. Equally, it is not hard to suspect that the prime benefactors would be entities such as TPLF, OLF and the myriad pro-TPLF Eritrean factions which have been making futile attempts to ignite a civil war in Eritrea. Turkey, with its military might, and Qatar, with its petrodollars, are the prime suspects for delivering those amounts of cash in sealed suitcases.

You remember how some Eritreans were beating drums of war when Al-Bashir closed the border and accused Eritrea of hosting an Egyptian contingent that he said was vying to overthrow him. You also remember how some pro-TPLF Eritrean factions were busy to find a footing in Sudan.

If these were his ill-gotten personal money, would he let it sit in his residency? Wouldn’t he ship it out to secure accounts once he saw things were careening out of control?

I would bet that money belonged to the feared secret services, and it was meant not to go through the conventional banking system because the regime did not want it to be traced back to the spoilers. Good riddance, Mr. Al-Bashir.

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