Martin Plaut: A hero or a villain?

From My FB page:

So, Martin Plaut has become the latest symbol of the so-called opposition, and soldiers of “human rights” who have been working tirelessly behind agendas set by the evil Wayane. Why is he sung as a hero, anyway? And who is this guy that so many opposition mouthpieces are jostling to place a claim on and are trying to associate with?
1. a man who has an ax to grind when it comes to his relationship with the Eritrean government. [You may find why]. So, in effect, he is one of those individuals we have come to be familiar with who want to get president Isaias Afeworki dead or alive, at any cost, even at the expense of the nation. The difference is that he comes to be a British citizen, a white dude.
2. As the Editor of BBC Africa Desk [edited], he made friends and foes in the Horn of Africa, and once BBC was kicked out of Eritrea [edited], he had positioned himself as the “expert” of the region.”
3. Under the TPLF-controlled previous regimes of Ethiopia, Martin found the rumor-mills of Addis Abeba rich of varieties of circulating chitchats and found that ecosystem very convenient to copy and paste stories, sometimes distorting them to his liking.
4. Through his anti-Eritrea campaign, he has linked up himself with syndicates of so-called human rights’ warriors, groups and individuals who have politicized everything linked to Eritrea.
5. This enabled him to re-position himself to being the go-to dude in European political and foreign relations quarters. His latest book purports to introduce Eritrea to the world, a book full of cooked up “facts” and lousy analysis.

The Incident

An Eritrean citizen poured a mixture of eggs and flour and god-knows-what on Martin. The act was described as a protest to what Martin has been doing in perpetuating lies and fabrications against the state of Eritrea in the name of “democracy” and “human right.”

My take

I don’t advise anybody to do what the Eritrean guy did to Martin. Though egging is used to protest against politicians and activists, I would not condone any form of assault. Please abide by the laws of the countries in which you live. You may be charged with battery, assaults, vandalism and so on.
I would love if the Eritrean guy gave Martin a shirt that read: AN HONORABLE MEMBER OF THE SHAMEFUL CLUB.

As of the opposition brouhaha, of course, you should look for a unifying or a rallying symbol, a hero, sort of. Now, if you are not able to produce a rallying symbol or a hero in your 20-years life, you may find it as well in the person of Martin Plaut. Congratulations Martin.

You see, the issue of the rule of law and improving human rights, and what have you, are not domains that you only control. Almost all Eritreans care about these matters. The difference between genuine Eritreans and political activists like Mr Plaut is that most Eritreans understand the complicated nature of such issues and they place them within their proper context. They would not endeavor to hurt the nation by orchestrating lies to strangulate the nation. However, folk like this dude don’t care if the house burns to ashes. For them, it’s a source of living. And so, they will do what it takes to boost their business of consulting, giving “expertly” speeches, news dispatches, and so on. The donors who cater to their federations of syndicates of “human right” fighters need to get some captivating reports to be enticed to maximize their funding. They have to come up with outrageous claims. Sadly, that is just the way how business models like theirs thrive. In the process, sometimes, heroes of dubious nature are born. And thus, Martin Plaut has become the latest HERO of the HEROless. Congratulations, bro.

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