So far, so good.

In a relatively expansive random COVID-19 testing carried out in the capital city, Asmara, only one out of 4659 tested individuals (representing their respective households) was found to be positive. And in a subsequent retracing of contacts, another positive individual was identified. The rest of the close contacts of the individual tested positive in the random sample are quarantined.
– There are no in or outbound flights, however, land crossing has not stopped.
– There are currently 81 quarantine centers throughout the country where 5270 persons have been isolated for observation. Of those quarantined, 3477 have since been released.
– The testing will intensity to cover border areas and other smaller towns and villages, according to a statement released by the National High Level Task Force on COVID-19.
– According to the statement posted on, this was the first phase of the scheduled massive testing campaign aimed at determining the status of the pandemic in Eritrea.
– The result of this initial phase is indeed encouraging; and it is a testimony to the concerted efforts made by the government, health workers and the public. However, we should not relax. It should be read as a motivation to do even more to keep the virus at bay.

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