No to violence in all of its forms

A curfew has been declared in the city of Seattle and the national guard has been activated. Downtown Seattle has seen immense vandalism and looting. A peaceful protest in memory of George Floyd, the black man who was senselessly murdered by a white policeman in Minneapolis, unfortunately, turned into an opportune time for looters and lawbreakers.

The chaos and destruction they have caused hijacked the conversation for social justice. I stand firmly against the institutionalized racism in America. However, I fear the utter destruction few are causing to the city will help forces working tirelessly to keep the status quo of a system built on racism.

East to West, North to South, America is burning. How much of this rage is genuinely bent towards the cause that George Floyd’s murder represents, and how much of it is driven by utter opportunism? Time will tell, if we are to trust time itself is on our side.

No to police brutality.
Yes to police accountability.
Yes for peaceful protest.
No for senseless Vandalism and looting.

America continues burning, venting up a racist steam accumulated for centuries deep in its core.

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