A virus that knows no boundaries

COVID-19 has tested the capacities and capabilities of the wealthiest nations on earth. If it keeps its speed, soon many less prepared countries will find it difficult to manage its devastating impact.

Eritrea, one of the nations with meager resources, has mobilized its population to fight back Corona Virus long before it finds a foothold. As such, Eritrean diaspora is mobilized to assist efforts undergoing to minimize the impact of the pandemic back home. So far, the fundraising campaign is going with a speed that matches the urgent call.

Here in the USA, a ” government of the people by the people for the people” has failed the people.

The immature and egoist president Trump initially downplayed the pandemic as something that occurs only in backward countries. Then when reality started sinking in, his administration moved with chaotic and incoherent announcements and directives.

Meanwhile, as all inept leaders do, he would have to lead from behind as governors took matters into their hands.

Today, America has surpassed China by the number of infected people. Hospitals are overwhelmed with no basic equipments to protect health workers and save lives.

I can only imagine what the Chinese leaders are saying considering how Trump had mocked and trashed them.

By calling the CoronaVirus a “Chinese Virus,” Trump showed his racist color and his ignorance of the fact that microbes do not respect political, social or economic status. The ongoing dithering management of the crisis also reveals President Trump’s lack of knowledge that the virus does not respect national boundaries, nor they give a hoot to the wall Trump began to erect to keep immigrants away.

God Bless Eritrea.
God Bless the United States of America.
God Bless the world.


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