Fenkil Operation

Fenkil Operation* of 1990 dislodged an occupying army comprising infantry, mechanized and Naval forces, liberating the port city of Massawa and its environs. The result was tightening the noose around the very existence of Ethiopia in Eritrea.
Subsequently, Operation Fenkil led, in 199, to the total annihilation of Ethiopia’s Second Revolutionary Army, one of Africa’s mightiest armies at that time.
Thus, Operation Fenkil will be remembered not only for its sophistication, speed and astounding victories but as a national anecdote to highlight any endeavor the nation embarks on to dislodge adversity.

While Operation Fenkil of 1990 enabled the dislodging of Ethiopian occupation, our present time Operation Fenkil is aimed at dislodging:

– poverty
– opportunistic and exploitative ideas and behaviors
– cynicism and defeatism
– divisive and discordant practices aimed at inciting civil unrest

Hence, may the Spirit of Operation Fenkil, the spirit of can-do, live on!

* In Tigrigna, Fenkil means to dislodge something. It was a code-name given to the Operation that dislodged Ethiopian forces from a large strategic territory, liberating Massawa. Followed by a year-long atrocious battles, the EPLF finally crashed the strongest Ethiopian army, by some estimates more than 100,000 strong, concluding the thirty-year long liberation war on May 24, 1991.

POSsted on FB on January 23, 2020.

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