I don’t get it!

Can someone tell me why this dude called Tamrat Negera Feyisa, a dude full of himself, be considered such a threat to consume our conversation? I just don’t get it. Concerning his outrageous assertions about Eritrea, I have already commented on it. And that should be it. From time to time, we will come across such personalities. Let a small cyber squad take care of their mad assertions, and let us focus on what is more pressing for us. They are living in a lapsed world of ideas. Chasing these deranged individuals will actually fulfill the prophesy of their handlers, you know who. I do not care if he raises billions of dollars, let him scam those who feel giddy when Eritrea is demonized or threatened. The right way is not to try to stop him from raising fund for his anti-Eritrea and anti-peace project but to confront his baseless and nonsensical assertions by allowing truth have superiority over the cyber battlefield.
I may be wrong, but I strongly feel I am right. I welcome clarifications and explanations that can show me why I could be wrong.

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