Happy September 1st!!

September 1st…
1. A date that shaped up and eventually sealed Eritrean identity. [Thank God, we don’t need to shop for identities. We are proud Eritreans, we stand united].
2. A date that commenced the arduous journey for independence, which took 30 years and cost us tens of thousands of our precious sons and daughters, concluding it in 1991.
3. A date that encapsulates the ideals of our martyrs, unity, freedom, justice, equality, and prosperity. [Never mind, we are aiming past Singapore’s stature. It will be done].
4. A date that reminds us to ask ourselves, “How far have we gone?”
5. A date that propels us to do more in order to achieve our aspirations.
6. Let’s move forward, united, in the spirit of September, to make the third miracle happen.
7. The first miracle was the birth of Eritrea itself
The second miracle has been the fact that Eritrea has emerged intact, albeit bruised, out of the last 20 years of isolating and strangulating policies of the hated TPLF regime.
The third miracle will be one that will set Eritrea in a secure developmental path, politically, economically and socially, aiming higher than Singapore.
8. I understand it takes generations to get ever closer to one’s aspirations, but the foundation is the one that demands heavy lifting. And we all need to pitch in. There are no opponents or supporters. There are patriotic Eritreans and there are the rest.
9. Other than misunderstanding and poor communication, when coming to the defense of Eritrea and its uniqueness, the majority of Eritreans (supporters of the government or opponents) are united; they strive to see Eritrea that is set in perpetual progress. Deep down, they are patriotic. The “rest” are those who buckled under the stresses of alien influences, who changed their minds on the idea of independent Eritrea, or who are rendering their services to the enemies of Eritrea for hire.

Eternal glory to our martyrs.

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