Shaebia hits back hard

Shaebia hits* back hard, and the General is back!!

  1. Colorful Independence celebrations—May 24/2019

  2. Remembrance of our martyrs, recommitting ourselves to achieve the ideals for which they had given their precious life—June 20/2019

3. Followed by festivities, marking Sawa’s Jubilee

4. The annual festivals of Eritreans in Diaspora, culminating in the mega gathering of Eritreans in San Jose, 8/9-11/19

5. The coming Grand National Festival that is going to take place in a few days at Asmara Expo.

6. These activities/customs are not new to Eritreans. But the vigor they are radiating this year says it all: it appears to be a typical Eritrean resilience in the face of new challenges while reshifting their resources and focus to peacetime themes. This time, after years of focusing on national defense, it is about recommitting national resources to rehabilitating Eritrea’s socio-economic spheres. And on its way, it may send an unequivocal response to Wayane’s digital campaign.

* The themes of the festivals: Focus, focus, and focus, on national reconstruction, in all its aspects. United, as ever, let’s move forward. Our united strength is greater than the forces that try to drag our determined march. The immediate objective of our time should be securing peace, and laying out political and economic foundations for long-term developments. No lofty aspirations can be materialized without this prerequisite.
Welcome Home, General SebHat Efrem, we prayed for your quick recovery. Great to hear that you are back home.

MS/August 2019.

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