A selected reply to my readers worth taking note:

A selected reply to my readers worth taking note:

“ኣማንኤል ኣድሓኖም and Michael T Neguse, Tomas Solomon, I respect your views but I can’t help but let you know that you are not reading me. All I’m saying is let’s stop boxing in Eritreans into rigid camps. Promote tolerance, be ready to hear and appreciate new views, consider the majority of Eritreans who are wrongly labeled as “supporters of the government” as Patriots who care for their country. If we are serious about bringing change, we must think past pure rage. We must go beyond what’s being discussed within our small circles of friends. We must be able to challenge the closest of our peers. The three of you are my friends in real life. But I differ with you in the way you see change should/would happen. It is unfortunate that you seem to be gravitating towards quickly labeling me as someone who is trying to preserve the status quo. I’m not going to waste your time defending myself, but as Fidel Castro once said, ” History will absolve me.” You can’t create a critical mass for change by neglecting the majority of Eritreans who are opposing the ” opposition” as it stands. You can’t bring change without influencing people with positive vibrations. Hate and rage alone don’t do the job. Yes, the majority of PFDJ Members are as Patriots as you think you are and are as determined to introduce changes as you think you are. You can’t write them off and talk about change.”

From my FB page

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