The Dismantlement of TPLF is not our business

Whether the TPLF dissolves or thrives is none of my business, and it should not be the business of any nonTigrean entity. That is up to the Tigray people.

I am interested in the TPLF because it has been refusing the unconditional acceptance and implementation of the EEBC ruling. While I understand the hurdles the TPLF is placing on the way, it is primarily the job of the Federal Government to live up to what it had signed. I have said much about this complex issue. You can refer to my latest piece on my FB page and on under the title: “ቶግ’ዶ ከብላ”

The strategy pursued by our government appears to have been chosen to overcome the obstacles the TPLF has been placing to derail the peaceful rapprochement of Eritrea and Ethiopia, whose core element is the unconditional acceptance and implementation of the APA & EEBC.

The issue of the border is a priority for most Eritreans. How it should be achieved may be discussed in good faith. However, no one can brush it aside, and no one should feel they have the sole proprietorship on it.

Questions related to this magnitude can only be answered by authorized officials and official organs. The rest are all personal views and opinions, including mine.

ማሕሙድ ሳልሕ (Mahmud Saleh)

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